Ridge Hill Reimagined

Joint venture partners North American Properties, Nuveen Real Estate, and Taconic Partners acquired Ridge Hill in May 2022 with plans to redevelop and reposition the outdoor lifestyle center as the preeminent mixed-use destination serving the tri-state region. Construction on Phase I of the value-add project, which focuses on reimagining the property’s streetscape and social gathering spaces to create a more cohesive, human-centric environment, is now underway. Ridge Hill’s merchandising mix is also being revamped with top-tier local and NYC-inspired food and beverage concepts as well as popular lifestyle brands. In addition to the physical enhancements, the overall guest experience will be elevated through resort-inspired hospitality and community-driven programming.

Construction Updates

  • 3.25 –  Fencing goes up in preparation for construction in the Town Square & Park Plaza (formerly Fountain Plaza).
  • 4.10 – Construction officially begins in both locations.
  • 4.17 – The fountain has been removed from Park Plaza.
  • 4.24 – Old kiosk in Town Square was torn down & turf has been lifted.
  • 5.13 – 2nd Street closed to all vehicle traffic and sidewalk open to pedestrian traffic only.
  • 5.13 – Facade painting begins in Park Plaza.
  • 6.19 – Facade painting in Park Plaza has been completed.
  • 7.9 – Second level railings in Park Plaza are being painted.

Live Construction Feed

Town Square Plaza

Park Plaza

The Future of Ridge Hill​