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Thursday, May 14, 2015

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New iFLY in Yonkers will be one of only 37 in the world and 11 in the nation

Yonkers, NY—Thursday, May 14, 2015—Forest City Ratner Companies (NYSE: FCE.A) the developer of Ridge Hill, announced that the indoor skydiving company iFLY broke ground today at the site of what will be a new skydiving facility in Yonkers. This new, family-friendly sports attraction is a perfect addition to the exciting mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options that makes Ridge Hill a popular retail and recreational destination for families in Westchester and beyond.

iFLY, which currently has 37 locations in operation around the world, and 11 in the U.S., simulates the sensation of skydiving, indoors! Its unique fan technology generates a controlled wind tunnel that creates a cushion of air on which a person can safely float. No special skills are required, and almost anyone over the age of three can safely experience the sensation of free fall without having to jump out of an airplane. It is sure to be a draw for families and thrill-seekers alike. The iFLY structure will be located along the lower portion of Ridge Hill Boulevard, and is scheduled to open in early 2016.

iFLY’s extraordinary experience of simulated flight is exciting enough to have entertained millions via television appearances on multiple occasions. The company’s attraction has been featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Lost star Evangeline Lily took to the “skies” on iFLY’s sky diving simulator on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the company’s Hollywood location in 2009.

Additionally, as a company, iFLY is committed to encouraging excitement around science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) at all educational levels. Its STEM field trips, organized in partnership with local schools in the communities in which it operates, include study of the scientific concepts that enable the flight experience.

Mayor Mike Spano and Councilmember John Larkin, as well as Kathy Welch, Executive Vice President and Director of Retail Development for Forest City Ratner Companies, and Matt Ryan, iFLY President and Chief Operating Officer were all on site to welcome iFLY to Ridge Hill.

“Ridge Hill consistently demonstrates its commitment to the Yonkers community, making a name for itself not only as a great place to shop and dine but to play as well—and now to sky dive!” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

“iFLY provides our customers with “wings” in a safe environment, making the dream of flight a reality for all ages,” said iFLY COO Matt Ryan, “It’s great to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to a whole new audience, and we’re very excited to be part of one of the best shopping centers on the Eastern seaboard—Ridge Hill.”

Kathryn Welch, Executive Vice President, Director of Retail Development of Forest City Ratner Companies said, “Shopping is always a thrill, of course, and now Ridge Hill will offer the adrenaline-charged sensational feel of skydiving too. There is no doubt that iFLY is a wonderful complement to the already stellar mix of shopping, dining and entertainment that can be found ‘On The Hill.’ ”

About iFLY Indoor Skydiving
Austin-based iFLY Holdings is the world leader in the manufacturing, sales and operations of wind tunnel systems for recreational indoor skydiving, competitive skydiver training and military training. iFLY started in 1998 as SkyVenture, LLC. Once they had developed the technology to create a stable, wall-to-wall cushion of air in a flight chamber, they knew they could offer an incredibly realistic and safe indoor skydiving experience. The company opened their first indoor skydiving facility in 1999. Between 1999 and 2005, three more facilities were opened. In 2005, the company rebranded themselves as iFLY, maintaining SkyVenture as their design and manufacturing company. Today, iFLY has 37 locations around the world in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and the list continues to grow. For more information, please visit:

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