Ridge Hill has ample parking with five garages conveniently located throughout the property so you can always find a space close to your favorite store, restaurant or attraction.

Daily Rates:

  • $3 All Day Parking
  • Up to 30 minutes complimentary

Payment Options

  • Pay-on-Foot Stations - Conveniently located at the pedestrian entry/ exit plazas of each garage and in the lobby of the WestMed building. Payment can be made by either cash or credit card. Please be sure to take your parking ticket with you.
  • New Feature - Pay at any time during your visit to Ridge Hill. With the new all day low rate, pay for parking at your convenience at any pay-on-foot station, no need to wait until it's time to leave!
  • Pay-in-Lane Exit Verifiers - Payment can be made by credit card only at the garage exit lane.
  • Validation- Offered by select merchants. Only one validation accepted per visit.

Valet Stations

  • WESTMED Valet - Located on Market Street. 8am-6pm Monday-Friday

Valet Parking Fee $10

Please contact ABM Parking at (914)305-3053 for more information.

ADA Accessibility

The vast majority of entrances are ADA accessible with ample parking distributed throughout the site. Thank you for visiting Westchester's Ridge Hill.

Please contact Guest Services at (914)207-2900 for more information.


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